“Anyone Can Intubate” eBook Available At Cost During Pandemic

During the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic health care providers are taking on new and unfamiliar roles. Many need to quickly learn airway management technique and respiratory physiology principals. We will need to teach these skills to novices in dangerous settings.

Therefore, I’ve made the ebook and print versions of my book  “Anyone Can Intubate: A Step By Step Guide to Intubation and Airway Management available at cost on the Amazon.com platform. Even with ebooks there are production costs, and those costs fluctuate. Any proceeds will be donated to charity to support our healthcare workers on the front lines.

Button link to see inside or buy the book Anyone Can Intubate, A Step By Step Guide to Intubation and Airway Management, 5th edition on amazon
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I’ve uploaded my training videos on intubation and airway management to YouTube. You are free to stream, share and/or download. The links to these training videos, and to the full Mooncat Publications channel, are here:

Introduction To Intubation

Airway Management

Pediatric Airway Management and Intubation

Mooncat Publications YouTube Channel

Protect yourselves! Note that some of the video footage in both the training videos and in the book was obtained before adoption of universal precautions. Intubation, and other airway activities such as suctioning, generate aerosols. They also expose the intubation team to blood and bodily secretions. Always use Personal Protective Equipment such as gloves and protective eyewear. Gowns should also be worn when infection is suspected.

Please Share This Announcement

Please share this announcement and the links with your colleagues and students. There is extensive information in Anyone Can Intubate on basic airway management and on respiratory physiology. Our nursing colleagues and other health care workers will find this useful, even if they don’t intubate.

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