Pediatric Airway Management: A Step-by-Step Guide

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It’s very common for providers who rarely care for children to be anxious when faced with a small child’s airway, even if they are comfortable with adult airway management. This pediatric airway management textbook was written for you if you’re a student training to be a paramedic, a nurse anesthetist, a doctor who will manage the pediatric airway on a daily basis, or you’re a nurse or doctor who must occasionally rescue a pediatric airway.

Why Is Pediatric Airway Management: A Step-by-Step Guide
The Best Pediatric Intubation/Airway Management Training Book?

  • It’s written by Dr. Whitten, an expert pediatric anesthesiologist and educator with almost 40 years of experience.
  • It teaches why children are different in easy to understand terms. The anatomy and physiology of babies and young children predisposes to airway obstruction and respiratory failure. Understanding why a patient is at risk helps you more effectively recognize the patient in trouble and manage the problem.
  • It’s practical. This textbook breaks down each skill into basic steps, describing exactly what the learner will experience in real life.
  • It’s comprehensively illustrated with detailed drawings, photos, and on-line video clips of actual patients and animations.

This Pediatric Airway Management Textbook Teaches:

  • airway anatomy, including differences between the baby, the child, and the adult
  • age related differences in how pediatric physiology predisposes the child to a higher risk of airway obstruction and respiratory failure
  • how to assess respiratory status, including recognizing airway obstruction
  • how to open the airway, with age specific tips
  • tips and tricks on how to manually ventilate any age patient
  • how to assess and intubate any age patient
  • basic equipment and how to use it
  • neonatal resuscitation
  • how to avoid common errors
  • strategies for difficult intubations
  • rapid sequence induction (RSI)
  • how to use the Glidescope, and the LMA
  • complications
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