Mooncat Instructional Videos

Dr Christine Whitten has dedicated herself to helping health care providers save lives one breath at a time. All Dr. Whitten’s instructional airway management videos use patient care footage, plus graphics and animation to teach key concepts of intubation and airway management. Videos are available as both DVDs as well as downloadable from the internet.

Mooncat Publications Instructional Airway Management Videos

Introduction to Intubation Video, 50 min.

Introduction to Intubation instructional airway management videos on intubation an direct laryngoscopy

  • step-by-step techniques for intubating adults
  • anatomy for intubation
  • preparing and using intubation equipment
  • tips for performing difficult intubations
  • avoiding common errors
  • complications
  • extubation
  • Newly revised and expanded!

Pediatric Intubation and Airway Management, 58 min.

Pediatric Airway Management & Intubation: instructional airway management videos on intubation and airway management in pediatric patients

  • teaches step-by-step techniques for intubating infants and children
  • details differences in pediatric anatomy
  • illustrates equipment for pediatric airways›
  • special techniques for intubating children
  • common errors and how to avoid them
  • Newly revised and expanded!

Managing the Airway, 35 min.

Airway Management: instructional airway management videos on basic airway management skills of opening the airway and ventilating

  • step-by-step techniques for airway management
  • anatomy
  • equipment relating to airway management
  • establishment of airway using nasal or oral airways
  • managing the airway bag and mask
  • common errors and how to avoid them
  • Newly revised and expanded!

Nasotracheal Intubation, 40 min.

Nasotracheal Intubation: instructional airway management videos on nasotracheal intubation technique

  • step-by-step techniques for performing nasotracheal intubations
  • equipment for nasal intubations and its use
  • complications during and after
  • common errors and how to avoid them
  • Newly revised and expanded!

Fiberoptic Intubation, 38 min.

Fiberoptic Intubation: instructional airway management videos on fiberoptic intubation

  • step-by-step techniques for performing fiberoptic intubations
  • indications and contraindications for use
  • design and preparation of equipment for fiberoptic intubations
  • common errors and how to avoid them
  • complications during and after
  • Newly revised and expanded!


101 step-by-step color slides with lecture notes, larynx photos and QuickTime video clips, read-only. Hyperlinks to major sections and video clips.

Cover for PowerPoint Presentation Airway Management and Intubation from Mooncat Publications

Accompanying Word (ACI-slidelist.doc) and Adobe (ACI-slidelist.pdf) documents list the slide titles and numbers to let you customize the order of the presentation. These documents also provide the associated reference pages and figure numbers in the 4th edition of Anyone Can Intubate to make it easier to coordinate the presentation with readings from the book. Includes pdf files of slides and slides plus notes pages for handout creation.

Presentation covers the following topics.

  • how to perform basic intubation,
  • anatomy
  • equipment preparation
  • assessment of the patient
  • use of both straight and curved blades
  • common errors
  • verification of proper tube placement
  • difficult situations
  • differences between adult and pediatric anatomy and intubation techniques
  • complications
  • basic airway management
  • recognizing airway obstruction
  • opening the airway
  • placement of oral and nasal airways
  • use of mask and bag for ventilation
  • placement and use of the laryngeal mask airway.