About Christine Whitten MD

Chris Whitten examines an impatient patient during a volunteer surgical team trip to Vietnam

Chris Whitten examines an impatient patient during a volunteer surgical team trip to Vietnam

Christine E. Whitten, M.D. is the author of Anyone Can Intubate, A Step-By-Step Guide to Intubation and Airway Management, 5th Edition

With over 30 years experience, she is currently a practicing anesthesiologist at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Diego, California. She served as Chief of Anesthesia and Director of Perioperative Services at this hospital for 10 years until 2002. Dr. Whitten also served as the Southern California Permanente Regional Coordinator of Pain Management and was involved in the national development and implementation of the multidisciplinary Chronic Pain Management Programs for Kaiser Permanente.

Dr. Whitten received her medical degree from Johns Hopkins Medical School in 1979. After her anesthesiology residency at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia, she completed fellowships in regional anesthesia and intensive care. Following training she was on the teaching staff, and served as the Director of Regional Anesthesia, and as  the Co-Director of the Chronic Pain Clinic at the U.S. Naval Hospital in San Diego from 1983-1986. She left the Navy with the rank of Commander and joined the staff at Kaiser Permanente San Diego in 1987.

In addition to Anyone Can Intubate, Dr. Whitten’s publications include:

  • Whitten, CE. Anesthesia for the Developing Countries of the World. in: A Different Kind of Diplomacy: A Source book for International Volunteers. Plastic Surgery Research Foundation, San Diego, California, 1987.
  • Whitten, CE. Experiences in Third World Anesthesia: Peacetime Training for Operational Deployment. Military Medicine 1988; 153(12):629-632.
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  • Whitten, CE; Cristobal. K. Chronic Pain is a Chronic Condition, Not Just a Symptom. The Permanente Journal 2005; 9(3):43-51.
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She has also filmed and produced a series of educational videos demonstrating various techniques of intubation and airway management.

Dr. Whitten is a frequent volunteer for Operation Smile, a worldwide health care mission to provide free surgery to children of less-developed countries. She has participated in surgical teams, and also instructed anesthesia providers, during trips to Mexico, Vietnam, Honduras, Kenya, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Thailand and Colombia.