Dr. Whitten’s Articles Trending #1 and #3 on Anesthesiology News

I was thrilled when I saw this screen shot of the February Anesthesiology News issue’s listing of the top 5 viewed articles over the past 30 days. My two articles are at #1 and #3—and this is a half-year and a year and a half after these reviews were published! Pretty incredible! 

I wrote the articles to be easy to understand and to provide a lot of practical information. I am honored that they are being read and shared to this extent. I’m now hard at work on article 3, on airway complications.

Here are the links again for those of you who would like to read and share with your students. Clicking the title will take you to the articles. I have provided their bit.ly URLs in case that is helpful for you to share.

10 Rules for Approaching Difficult Intubation — Always Prepare For Failure.


 10 Common Pediatric Airway Problems—And Their Solutions.


Thank you for your support. Together we can make our patients safer one airway at a time.

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